The Team
Yang Architects, a young firm set up in 2005, specialises in Architecture, Master Planning, Interior Design & Project Management. The firm is engaged in design intensive projects, where the success of their execution lies in the close rapport between the team members and the relevant consultants. The Team consciously strives to achieve an equilibrium between aesthetical, functional and technical aspects of each project.

The firm has grown and is engaged in numerous ventures - feasibility studies, residential developments and built and un-built works - in South East Asia, the Middle East and even Africa. In which, the team is committed to serving its clients with integrity and creativity, and ultimately delivery of unique architecture.

Design Philosophy
Successful architecture stems from an established understanding of the end user, their lifestyles and surroundings. Understanding cultural and social significances, behaviour, history and climate are paramount in the team’s design development. A creative solution is formulated from individual specific context, resulting in architecture that is socially, culturally and technically relevant. For an added edge in spatial and visual experience, the team pushes boundaries of contemporary design, exploring textures, materials and forms made possible by advances in building technology.

Design Commitment
The firm’s portfolio is varied and committed to sustainable and innovative design. This encompasses large scale developments - master planning, condominium developments, industrial, commercial and institutional projects; and smaller scale interior designs projects. The team’s perspective on sustainability and innovation is thus applied to town planning, material selection and delightful detailing.

The firm also provides a niche value engineering service to clients in layout redesign, taking space and budget constraints into careful consideration. Aesthetical standards are maintained, resulting in an innovative, economical design.

Mr Yeo

YEC has over 30 years of credible experience, with substantial involvements and responsibilities in all aspects of the profession. He has efficiently handled project management, technical and design management, and other related administrative duties on a variety of projects, including residential, institutional, industrial, commercial and religious buildings.

Additionally, he has worked and collaborated with foreign firms such as Foster + Partners, Wilkinson Eyre Architects and Cox Architects on a number of projects.

With a positive attitude and ever- jovial disposition, YEC is continually adapting and learning with each new experience, and challenging himself with projects of varied nature and scale.

Outside work, YEC has been an active member in the Chinese music circle. He was an instrument player, and later to be an accomplished conductor and a composer performing and conducting in numerous local concerts, including one of his own compositions at the Asian Composer League Festival in Bangkok in 1978 and conducted the NUS Chinese Orchestra at the Beijing Concert Hal in 1991. His many compositions were also performed by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra.